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July 2022: Arthur Fleischmann Tour 2022 at Snape and Lowick

We are delighted to report that the Arthur Fleischmann Tour 2022 was a great success this year. Children at Lowick and Holy Island C of E First Schools and at Snape Community Primary School took part in June. We send our congratulations to all the children who took part. They created a collection of imaginative and inspiring abstract works of art from found discarded plastic on the theme of Spirals and Helices. Here are three of the proud prize-winners from Snape. Well done!

May 19th 2022: Dr Zuzana Palicova visits the Fleischmann studio in London

Director of the Mestske Muzeum in Bratislava Dr Zuzana Palicova visited the Fleischmann studio in London to meet Joy and Dominique Fleischmann for the first time in person. It was a very intimate and warm occasion, and we talked about many topics, including future plans for the Arthur Fleischmann Museum in Bratislava.

May 24th 2022: Arthur Fleischmann sculptures to be auctioned

Two bronze sculptures, "Sisters" and "The First Step", by Arthur Fleischmann will go on sale at Shapiro's Auction House in Sydney on 24th May 2022. The auction is named "SH213 Australian and International Art". The sculptures were originally exhibited at the one man show at David Jones, Sydney in 1987, and have remained in Sydney since then. The auction catalogue entries are here and here.

May 2022: AF Tour preparations

Preparations are underway for the Arthur Fleischmann Tour in May and June this year. The Tour project involves each pupil creating a sculpture from recycled plastics that is inspired by the work of Arthur Fleischmann. This year the theme is "Spirals and Helices from Science and Nature"! Pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2 will take part.

Here is the logo for this year!

May 2022: Fleischmann paper to be presented at PSSA Webinar

On May 21st the PSSA will host the webinar "Public Sculpture in Britain 1945-1980". A paper entitled "Arthur Fleischmann (1896 - 1990): A career described through the prism of World Festivals and illustrated with images" will be presented. The photo here was taken in December 1969. It shows Arthur Fleischmann checking his water sculpture 'Harmony and Progress' after installation at the entrance to the British Pavilion, just prior to the opening of Expo '70 Osaka, Japan. The sculptor's 9 year-old son Dominique can be seen on the left.

April 2022: Collector from America visits the studio in London

A collector from America visited the studio to look at photographs taken by Arthur Fleischmann in Bali in 1937 and 1938. The photographs were taken using a Dolina camera on 35 mm negative film. The films were developed and printed by Fleischmann himself while he was living in Bali.

April 2022: Perspex decorative panel back on display

This decorative panel entitled "Fish Panel" and measuring 1.25 metres by 1 metre was carved from a sheet of clear Perspex by Arthur Fleischmann in 1965. It depicts a stylized marine scene. The panel has recently been taken out of storage, cleaned, and placed on display. The work of art glows against a dark background from edge lighting incorporated into the frame.

March 2022: Crest of the Seafarers' Education Service

In 1958 Arthur Fleischmann was commissioned by Dr Ronald S. Hope, Director of the Seafarers' Education Service (SES) to create an engraved Perspex panel depiciting the crest of the organisation. The clear Perspex panel, mounted in a frame containing edge lighting, was unveiled by Lady Currie at the headquarters of the organisation in the summer of 1959 and was placed on display there.
Ronald Hope and his wife Marion became great friends of Fleischmann, and Joy and Arthur hosted the Hopes in their apartment in Brussels while Fleischmann was erecting his sculptures at the Brussels World Expo.
Since 1958, the SES has gone through many organisational changes. In 1976 it merged with The Marine Society, and in 2004 further restructuring took place and the Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) took over as the parent charity. Very recently the MSSC moved offices, and because of limited space in the new headquarters the MSSC decided to give the Crest to Ronald Anthony Hope, son of Dr Ronald S. Hope, in view of the family connection. We are very happy to announce that the Crest has now been delivered to Tony Hope, and he is generously acting as custodian of the sculpture. We are now looking to donate the sculpture to an institution that would safeguard it's long term conservation and display it to the public.

March 2022: Salome watersculpture by Fleischmann restored

Work to restore the Perspex watersculpture "Salome" by Fleischmann was completed this month. The 1.2 metre high sculpture, created in circa 1980, is constructed from horizontal layers of alternating clear and red-tinted transparent Perspex. Several years ago the sculpture was broken into four fragments with clean breaks across laminations between layers, and it has been awaiting conservation. The restoration involved a thorough cleaning, followed by reassembly of the four fragments and bonding together using acrylic cement Tensol No 7. Over the next few days, the sculpture will be tested with water as a fountain to make sure everything is working correctly.

March 2022: Snape Primary School to take part in AF Tour 2022

We are delighted to announce that pupils from Snape Primary School will take part in the Arthur Fleischmann Tour in May and June this year. The Tour project involves each pupil creating a sculpture from recycled plastics that is inspired by the work of Arthur Fleischmann. This year the theme is "Spirals and Helices from Science and Nature"! Pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2 will take part. More details will follow.

The sculpture illustrated here is "Homage to the Discovery of DNA" in Perspex by Arthur Fleischmann, dated 1989.

March 2022: Entry added to Find A Grave web site for Fleischmann

We are very grateful to the Board of Management at the The Duldig Studio Museum and Sculpture Garden in Melbourne, Australia, for collecting information about Arthur Fleischmann, and adding an entry for him on the Find A Grave web site. This photo shows Fleischmann with the "Peace Fountain" in the courtyard of St Francis Church in Pottery Lane, near Holland Park in London. Fleischmann's ashes were scattered at the fountain.

Karl and Slawa Duldig studied with Anton Hanak and left Vienna in 1939, and it is highly likely that Fleischmann knew the Duldigs during that pre-war period. We intend to remain in contact with the Duldig studio in the future with the aim of gathering more historical information about Fleischmann's early career in Vienna and Bratislava.

March 2022: Archivist Peter Simpson works on the Fleischmann archive

Archivist Peter Simpson makes final preparations of the Arthur Fleischmann Archive. He holds a photograph of the 1.5 metre high sculpture "Mermaid", 1954 by Fleischmann in cast aluminium and carved Perspex. The archive has been acquired by the Tate Gallery in London to be a resource for the nation in perpetuity.

March 2022: Perspex pendant rediscovered after 55 years

In 1966 Arthur Fleischmann's five-year-old son Dominique had a bout of tonsilitis. Fleischmann arranged for the ear, nose and throat surgeon Mr Gerard Stein to operate on the young Dominique and remove the offending tonsils. Wanting to express his gratitude, in addition to the medical fees, Fleischmann created a gift for the surgeon's daughter, Margaret. He made a pendant in carved Perspex on a silver mount depicting her Zodiac sign, Capricorn. The families lost contact, as Dominique's health improved and the surgeon retired in the early 1980s. However, a chance remark by Margaret in a conversation with a friend 55 years later, reconnected Dominique and Margaret! We are now very happy to add the Perspex 'Capricorn' pendant to the Arthur Fleischmann Digital Archive along with photographs.

Art Made Of Plexiglas? See for yourself

A new "Art Made Of Plexiglas? See for yourself" publicity poster designed by the Marketing Department at the Mestske Muzeum in Bratislava is unveiled for the Arthur Fleischmann Museum at 6 Biela Ulice, Bratislava. The museum looks forward to welcoming more visitors as the cultural life re-awakens after the pandemic.

Kristin Breuss from Holy Trinity Church, Finchley Road, London, visits the Arthur Fleischmann studio in London.

On Friday 11th March 2022 Kristin Breuss from Holy Trinity Church, Finchley Road, London (here), visits the London studio of Arthur Fleischmann to view the sculpture collection. She is accompanied by Stephanie Marshall. Good weather allowed us to enjoy the Water Sculptures in the garden. We hope to collaborate with Kristin in the future.

Jane Winfrey visits the Arthur Fleischmann studio in London.

On Wednesday 9th March 2022 Jane Winfrey, renowned art expert, visits the London studio of Arthur Fleischmann to view the sculpture collection. Good weather allowed us to enjoy the Water Sculptures in the garden. We hope to collaborate with Jane in the future.

Spring-cleaning in the garden of the Arthur Fleischmann studio in London.

On Tuesday 8th March 2022 Giorgio the electrician works to replace a faulty water pump for the abstract Perspex Water Sculpture "Four Seasons". It will be ready to show to visitors to the studio.

Arthur Fleischmann Foundation Instagram Account

On Saturday 26th February 2022 the Arthur Fleischmann Foundation opened a new Instagram account called AFSculpture. This represents the first attempts of the AFF to engage with Social Media. We hope to use the Instagram platform to interact with the public and make regular announcements of AFF news and developments. The Instagram page is here.

Arthur Fleischmann Museum Reopens After Pandemic

On Thursday 3rd March 2022 the Arthur Fleischmann Museum re-opens after the pandemic. The museum is located at 6 Biela Ulice, Bratislava. It will remain open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. See the web site for further details.

Arthur Fleischmann Museum 10th Anniversary Celebrations

On Friday 16th November 2012 a workshop for children from the Mother Alexia School was held on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Arthur Fleischmann Museum in Bratislava.

Fleischmann and the Fishermen Exhibition Bristol

The exhibition "Fleischmann and the Fishermen" will open at the new Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol on 9th November 2005 and will run for one year. Dr Peter Hyross, Director of the Mestske Muzeum, Bratislava, will be the guest of honour at the opening on 1st November 2005. The exhibition focuses on Fleischmann's religious art and features busts of popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II, all sculpted from life. For the first time works from Fleischmann's early career will be on show in this country. Six ceramic sculptures have been generously loaned by the Mestske Muzeum, Bratislava for this event. Here is the Press Release. Opening times 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday. The full list of exhibits can be found on the FineArtFacts web site here. Instructions for getting to the Grant Bradley Gallery

Fleischmann Festival 2004 - An Amazing Event

The Arthur Fleischmann Festival took place in Vienna and Bratislava over the weekend of 5th June 2004. After the unveiling of the commemorative plaque by Dr Reinhold Hohengartner in honour of Arthur Fleischmann in Vienna, His Excellency John Macgregor hosted a reception at the British Residence. Dr Philip Ward-Jacklson gave a detailed lecture examining the phenomenon of decorative arts in Viennese and London Council architecture in the period 1930-1960. On 6th June the gala evening took place - hosted by the Mayor of Bratislava in the Mirror Hall at the Primacial Palace. Hiroko Sue performed with Jordana Palovicova, Ivan Palovic and Daniella Blesacova. We will post a more comprehensive report soon. In the meantime, here is the text from the lecture given by Dr Philip Ward-Jackson and here is an album of photos taken at the concert.

Bali Book Contract Signed

On 29th March 2004 Dominique Fleischmann signed the contract with Frans and Truus Jansen of Pichures Publishers for the publishing of a book based on Arthur Fleischmann's original manuscript entitled "Bali Through A Sculptor's Eyes".

We are also delighted to announce that the main text of the book will be written by Paul de Bont who is a scolar of Balinese culture and history. It is particularly appropriate that the foreword will be written by Professor Marie Bashir, the present Governor of New Souyth Wales, as Arthur wrote the first chapters of his manuscript during his stay in Sydney NSW in the 1940's. We hope to Launch the book in December 2005 ... so please watch this space ...

Vienna Bratislava Festival - June 2004

The Arthur Fleischmann Festival is going ahead! The events start on 5th June 2004 with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in honour of Arthur Fleischmann in Vienna. On 6th June there will be a gala evening in Bratislava hosted by the Mayor of Bratislava in the Mirror Hall at the Primacial Palace. More...

Vienna Commemorative Plaque Plans Progressing

In July 2003 the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava announced that permission has been obtained to erect a commemorative plaque in Vienna to honour Arthur Fleischmann. The plaque will be placed on the building in Favoritenstrasse where Fleischmann lived and worked between 1933 and 1938.

Japanese Concert at Fleischmann Studio

On 24th June 2003 the Japanese master musician Hiroko Sue performed a concert on the Koto to an audience of invited guests at the Studio of Arthur Fleischmann in London. The Koto is a traditional Japanese folk instrument like a harp with 13 strings laid horizontal on the ground. Hiroko was accompanied by Michael Coxall on the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). In the finale, Sue performed a new piece composed by her that was inspired by the Fleischmann Water Sculpture "Orbits". A short video of the concert can be downloaded here.

It is a strange coincidence that Fleischmann was inspired himself to create the sculpture "Orbits" after visiting Japan in 1970.

The Artrhur Fleischmann Foundation will be working to raise funds so that Hiroko can perform the concert again at the Arthur Fleischmann Museum in Bratislava - either later this year or in the spring of 2004.

Theft of Fleischmann Sculpture from Leamington Spa

Have you any information regarding the theft before Christmas of "Miranda" from Leamington Spa in England? The sculpture was created by Arthur Fleischmann in 1951 for the Festival of Britain.

It is a bronze sculpture, about 8 feet long. The sculpture comprises a mermaid, Miranda, who is reclining on a turtle and supporting three fish, all of them spout water.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CCO Humphriss, Warwickshire Police, Southern Area Crime Desk on 44 (0) 1926 415642 quoting crime reference number SI-17676-2001.

Opening of the Arthur Fleischmann Museum, Bratislava

On 26th November 2002 the Arthur Fleischmann Museum was opened under the patronage of President Schuster at 6 Biela Ulice in the historical centre of Bratislava. The inauguration was accompanied by the unveiling of a plaque on the facade of the property, by a spectacular exhibition of Water Sculptures by Arthur Fleischmann that was hosted by the City Gallery of Bratislava at the nearby Mirbach Palace and the launching of a biography of Arthur Fleischmann written by Dr Marion Pauer. The project was in preparation for four years and is the result of collaboration between the Mestske Museum, Bratislava and the Arthur Fleischmann Foundation.

The Arthur Fleischmann Foundation would like to extend their gratitude to the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, London, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Henkel Slovakia and Tesco for their assistance in realising this project. We hope they will continue to support the on-going activities at the museum.

We are grateful to Sally Titterington for producing the following four video clips of the opening celebrations.

Tour of the Museum
Bratislava Winter Ambience